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Start your path towards becoming an Automotive Technician when you join Davidson’s Auto Tech Training Program. Sign up for free, including great perks including sign-on bonuses, elite training, and free tools. 

Davidson Service Technician Training Program

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Get paid while you learn with a consistent guaranteed weekly salary.

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Get a free toolkit including tool chest for completing the program. 

Factory Certified Training

Learn from the best with factory certified training at our state-of-the-art facilities. 

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Quickly advance with well defined growth opportunities and performance goals. 

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Train from the ground up. Looking for a place to start? It’s right here. 

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Davidson gives you the tools you need – including your very own tool chest and tool kit – for FREE. It’s yours to keep on the completion of the program, regardless of if you stay at Davidson. 

Automotive Technicians receiving factory certified training at Davidson Automotive in Watertown, NY

How Do I Start?

If you made it here, it means you realize opportunities exist. Maybe you’re ready for a change, and wondering if this is the right one for you? 

Let’s find out. We’re accepting applicants on a rolling basis, so the earlier the apply, the better your chance. 

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Demand for automotive technicians
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Auto Tech FAQs

What is an auto technician?

Automotive technicians are responsible for inspecting, fixing, and maintaining vehicles. There is a wide variety of responsibilities, education levels, training, and salaries depending on the experience of the automotive technician. 

Generally speaking, an automotive technician may find him or herself: 

Is there really high demand for Auto Techs?

Yes. There is a massive shortage of trained automotive technicians in nearly every sector of the auto industry. 

That record high demand is only expected to grow.

The introduction of new technology has created a cleaner workplace where education and computers is

How much do automotive technicians make?

It depends on the technician, but highly-skilled auto techs, known as “A Techs,” can make more than $100,000, while “B Techs” and “C Techs” can also earn a quality salary, well above the median income.

With Davidson’s Automotive Technician Training Program you’re also getting paid to learn. No tuition costs, no school debt. 

Is an automotive technician the same as a mechanic?

Automotive Technicians work closely with mechanics, but their roles are slightly different. 

A mechanic’s work tends to be more hands-on. Automotive technicians can also do hands-on work like oil changes and brake pads, their focus leans towards electrical diagnosis and  drivability complaints.

Auto Techs use their knowledge of computer systems and data-driven technology to help locate the source of a problem and plan a repair. This is why factory certified training is so important.