Automotive Sales

Discover a rewarding career in automotive sales. Discover a friendly and rewarding work environment, spanning five dealerships and multiple leading automotive brands across Central and Northern New York. 

Jumpstart your career

Leading the way with a fresh, modern approach to automotive sales.

Reward Your Success

Fantastic pay to start – and even better as you grow! Get rewarded for meeting and exceeding. 

Fantastic Benefits

A great package including vacation, holidays, medical, vision, 401(k), supplemental and more.

Advancement Opportunities

Don’t settle for less. Davidson offers clear opportunities to grow your career and your pay. 

Fully Supported

You never have to go it alone at Davidson – get all the tools and training you need to succeed together.

Community Legacy

Customers know and trust us. Davidson has led our region in customer support for generations. 

Family Owned Dealership

Join over 60 years of family. We’re a tight-knit team of professionals with clear leadership. 

Employee Stories

Some folks talk about being a family business.
At Davidson, you can feel it. 

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Skill Check

Building a successful career at Davidson Automotive is just as much about attitude as is it experience.  We can teach you the tools of the trade. But your toolkit should include: 

A Positive Can-Do Attitude
Always Ready To Learn
Ready To Help Your Team
Focused On The Customer
Auto Sales FAQ

What does a career in automotive sales look like?

Leverage your enthusiasm and people skills to help customers find the perfect new or used vehicle. Directly interact with members of your community in-store and online to help communicate, inspire trust, and answer customer questions. A good auto salesperson will: